Friday, February 20, 2009

The Sky Is Blue...

Some things aren't so obvious.
I just want to hear God's voice.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies...

So, the 8th.
Well, work had been wierd and crazy and exhausting and all that jazz.
I'm seriously contemplating quitting and getting a job in Minocqua. I haven't brought that up to my parents yet however.
I'm getting stoked for Bolivia.
Oh, My new Mac came a couple weeks ago. That is exciting.
AND I got a new phone.
So, send me your #'s.
Mine is still the same. Which I am incredibly thankful for.
Oh, so on the way home from work today I stopped at the gas station and got some cappucino with my gas and this cute guy payed for my coffee. :/
Anyway, I have been exhausted but God has sustained me so faithfully. It is amazing.
I haven't been able to sleep, like at all the past week.
Yesterday was a crazy day, I was up since 5am for the past two days and hadn't slept, got to work, they sent my supervisor home, I got called into the office, etc, etc. Ugh. Then I was scheduled to leave at 3, I left at almost 5.
I went home, my body totally shut own. I started bawling my eyes out in my bedroom for no reason at all.
Then I fell asleep, AT SIX, haha. I slept as usual, waking up thirty times during the night, but I slet hard in between and didn't wake till 8 am. Ahhh. That was the most needed sleep I've ever had.
So, yeah.
Today was better.
I got to go to church even though I had to leave early for work and didn't get to see the baptism. But God so sustained me as I went. I went home filled and happy, instead of drained and empty. It's amazing how much worship can effect your mood. Even when the day is bad. I've been working on being the flower in the book Hinds Feet On High Places, the flower is called Acceptance-With-Joy. It's amazing how much an allagory can ger the point across so well. :)
I strongly recommend that book, btw.
Well, I have to go check my e-bay account. Fun fun.
Peace and The Flower,