Saturday, November 27, 2010

Art Of Poppins....

Just a little bit o' art to brighten up the twilight. :)
This is one of my favorite quickies that I did.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On this fine Tuesday morning...

This week we have an AMAZING teacher on ESL. The other DTS Staff and I have been sitting in on class to learn as well (in preparation for English teaching in Nahong). And it has been well worth it. We had teaching from 8am to 1pm yesterday. That was fun! Haha. Hard to sit for so long, but I was captivated with the topic, so it was okay.
It has me very excited to go back next month to Thailand! We have been doing Thai culture classes for our Thailand team the last couple of weeks. Also, I am heading up the Thai Language class- teaching the students the basics of Thai Language and how to communicate basic words/sayings. I am loving it.
Last week Joanna and I read our first word in Thai! We were freaking out. สวัสดี <------ That hurts your brain. Heh.
There is so much more I can say. But I will have to update more later.
Much Love,

Friday, November 12, 2010

God is Good!

He is always good, even even the bad and the ugly.
But this past week has been a huge faith booster for me!
The funds for my trip to Thailand are coming in faster than I ever thought possible. I have (or have pledged to come soon) half of the trip expenses, which is what I needed in emergency status this week. The reason it was needed so quickly was because of trouble booking flights. They are up in price, few and far between. So, our travel agent (who is a dear Christian Lady) told us on Saturday that we needed to have the tickets purchased by Tuesday! At that point I had only had 120.00 toward my outreach. I had no idea how God could provide a way to get it all. Why would God call me to Thailand and then not let me go? It was a huge test of faith, just believing that God knew what He was doing and I was just the tool.
Well, in 48 hours I was able to raise all of the money needed for my flight!
In 48 hours the students and I planned a fundraising event for Tuesday night (which was a huge success).
In 48 hours, God can move what seems like mountains.
So, I just wanted to share that with you all.
It was just so encouraging!
Please keep myself and the team in your prayers as we raise the other half of the money.
The pieces are falling into place for us to go back to Nahong- I am so excited to see what God will do this year! Continue with me to pray for their salvation! Ahh! *That is a scream of excitement*
Also, pray for our other team of students and staff going to Brazil. They will be purchasing their flight tickets within the nest couple of weeks as well.

I am reminded of my life verse. 1 Thes 5:24 "The One who calls you is faithful. And HE will do it." :) No control is mine. My job is just to follow the Father's leading.

Much love to you all

To keep you up with the mundane of my life: Here is a random picture of myself and Lucas playing basketball a few weeks ago. Notice how bad I am. I am not a basketball player.... ;)

Monday, November 8, 2010

New News!

Hello everybody!
It’s that time of year again where I will be returning with the Youth With A Mission team to Nahong, Thailand!
Most of you are familiar with what I am doing, but just in case you aren’t…

I have been involved with YWAM since September 2009- where I did a Discipleship Training School at YWAM Northwoods. January 2010 I raised enough money to go with the class to Nahong, Thailand. A totally unreached people until our team started reaching out to them in 2005. You probably know I have a heart for missions already- in 2008 & 2009 I spent part of my summer in Bolivia doing missions work in the orphanages of Santa Cruz. But my heart totally fell for Nahong. We lived there in the village for 2 months as English teachers, all the while becoming a part of the community and building relationships with the locals. Our goal is to bless this village, not to be like typical “farong” or foreigners who only come to take advantage. But to be a true blessing and show the Thai people the love of Christ through our lives. Huge breakthroughs happened last year (if you remember my story about my dear little friend, La Mud. Our first true Thai-Christian in Nahong! I had the privilege of getting to know her and discipling her and teaching her personally. My heart cannot wait to see her again!). And our ministry there is coming to a climax- we are praying that a church would be formed there soon. This year holds so much promise!
Anyways- now (as of August this year) I am on Missionary Staff with YWAM Northwoods. Which means, I am “self employed” and run on outside supporters to continue the ministry here. While at the same time being under the covering of Youth With A Mission’s name and am on a 2 year contract with them. So, it is living by faith everyday and gets difficult but I love my work- there is nothing I would rather do!
As Discipleship Training School Staff this year I will be helping to lead the team back to Nahong this winter. My heart is to continue the work there and see the Church form in the village. I am currently preparing in every way- getting emotionally ready to see our friends again. Getting a better handle on the Thai language- I hope I will actually be able to communicate clearly now with the villagers and teach English in the school more effectively. And financially- raising the money and support system I will need to logistically be able to go.
Please keep me in your prayers as I prepare to go back.
If you feel you could support me financially or would like to be on my prayer support team, let me know!
We will be flying out- 5 staff and 5 students- on December 31st and returning the last weekend in February.

My e-mail is:
My # here at Campus is: 715-353-2280
Feel free to contact me via facebook as well.

Thank you all!
Much love and God bless!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hey all! So- I think this is the busiest I have been in my entire life!
Yes- surpassing even working 50 hours a week like I was at one point in my life. 24/7 ministry time here.
I'm sorry I've been horrible at keeping the general updates alive. Hopefully the personal/specific ones have helped paint a better picture for you.
Well, Discipleship Training School 2010-2011 began in September. 10 new students arrived- God is already really working in their lives and preparing them for the mission field ahead!
We have 2 teams going out this year- One to Nahong, Thailand and one to Brazil. So, that is awesome. It is an even split of 5/5 students on each team. Myself (and Luke) of course has a heart for Nahong and will be on the leadership team going back this year! I am so EXCITED. I cannot wait to see my dear Thai friends again, I pray for their salvation daily. Also, I cannot wait to see my little disciple friend LaMud! I have not had contact with her for a year and am dying in anticipation to see what has been happening in her life.
The thought of going back for another 2 months keeps my energy level up as I run, run, run here at campus.
Pray for the students now to hear God's direction for outreach and that they would capture a heart for the city they will be living in.
Pray for me as this has been a crazy few months for me. Trusting in God for everything I need, emotionally, physically, spiritually and practically. I want to increase my faith and I know God is using this leadership position to do that! Also, to increase my flexibility. Haha.
Anyways, that is all I have time for for now.
Much love,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pictures from Fargo...

Here are some visuals to go with the last post :P