Friday, November 5, 2010

Hey all! So- I think this is the busiest I have been in my entire life!
Yes- surpassing even working 50 hours a week like I was at one point in my life. 24/7 ministry time here.
I'm sorry I've been horrible at keeping the general updates alive. Hopefully the personal/specific ones have helped paint a better picture for you.
Well, Discipleship Training School 2010-2011 began in September. 10 new students arrived- God is already really working in their lives and preparing them for the mission field ahead!
We have 2 teams going out this year- One to Nahong, Thailand and one to Brazil. So, that is awesome. It is an even split of 5/5 students on each team. Myself (and Luke) of course has a heart for Nahong and will be on the leadership team going back this year! I am so EXCITED. I cannot wait to see my dear Thai friends again, I pray for their salvation daily. Also, I cannot wait to see my little disciple friend LaMud! I have not had contact with her for a year and am dying in anticipation to see what has been happening in her life.
The thought of going back for another 2 months keeps my energy level up as I run, run, run here at campus.
Pray for the students now to hear God's direction for outreach and that they would capture a heart for the city they will be living in.
Pray for me as this has been a crazy few months for me. Trusting in God for everything I need, emotionally, physically, spiritually and practically. I want to increase my faith and I know God is using this leadership position to do that! Also, to increase my flexibility. Haha.
Anyways, that is all I have time for for now.
Much love,

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