Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It is now one month since I came back to Youth With A Mission Northwoods and began SBF (The School of Biblical Foundations)! I can't believe a month has gone by so quickly.
SBF has been awesome. One of the most intensive things I have ever done, but so worth it.
Somedays I feel as though my brains have been splattered all over the classroom wall! Haha. But God has been teaching me so much. Not only in class, but out of class. As I continue to live life in ministry on support my faith in God has just gotten deeper and deeper. Just when I think it gets too hard, God pulls through with a miracle! It's so amazing. I can't quite wrap my mind around it... ugh. My brains are far too small. But my faith is increasing so much more and I'm able to get out there and do things for God in a way I couldn't before. Being completely and utterly dependent teaches you crazy crud.
But anyways, how's that playing out?
Last Saturday we left for a week of ministry in St Cloud, Mn. It went awesome! Not only was it amazing to re-connect in St Cloud with people from the last outreach there (October), but so much more was added. It was also great to spend time with the family that hosted me last fall (Thanks Amanda!).
The entire week we had class from 8-12:30. We had a Pastor/Professor guest teach us on Christian Apologetics and the intellectual arguments of Christianity. After class we would spend the afternoons doing ministry, between either street/door-to-door ministry and connecting with the community around Journey Fellowship, or on campus (St Cloud State University). God was definitely in this, just striking up conversations and hanging out with people about who God really is. Our passion for people to know the truth was accelerated by the response we were getting. I met new friends out of it too. On campus it was interesting to not be labeled with a group of people called “the shouters”, a very fire-and-brimstone gospel. But once people understood who we were (and that we were handing out info/getting questions for an apologetics panel we held at campus on Wed) they really opened up. My goal was to show them a different kind of religion, just pure Jesus. And God totally honored that. I am so vamped up right now just writing about it! I hope this will encourage you too. If you're a believer in Jesus, that it would encourage you to just be real with people, get educated, ask questions, love people and bring them to the truth. And if you're not, that you would dare to ask questions, find the truth, and don't be afraid of finding answers.
So yeah, whew! I just rambled on a lot.
But anyways, I should get back to my work. I am working on an assignment- to exegete and create 2 sermon outlines on the book of Haggai. Too many word studies and backtracking! So, pray that my mind doesn't explode with Hebrew. Heh.
Much Love to Y'all!
I will try to blog more frequently.