Saturday, July 24, 2010

The 24th day....

Hello everybody!
So, what's going on over in Cameron, Wisconsin? Here be the lowdown (pardon the lingo- I fell asleep on the couch last night watching Pirates of the Caribbean).
Break at home has been going good. I have been mostly working on getting things done while I am here and away from Ywam. Today- and for the last few weeks- I have been cleaning out house. Not very fun, but has to be done! It's amazing how much you can accumulate in 2 decades. And in reality, I don't think it's much. But for someone who hates unnecessary things it seems like way too much.
Yesterday I drove my little sister (Wynter) to a professional Photography training in Stillwater, Mn. That was grand. She loved it and I was able to do some sightseeing in the tourist town while hanging out with a good friend.
I have mostly been spreading the word about my new place with Ywam, which has been great but also a challenge. There is nothing more I hate than support raising- but I love talking to people, so I guess that evens it out. ;)
It has been a little discouraging so far- but I know that God has this thing. This is just an exercise of my faith. Which is totally cool too! I've been getting into James 1 again lately. I was able to write a sermon on that during SBF- but now being able to listen to other's about it and dig more I am seeing so much I missed the first time. I love that the Bible is new all the time! It trips me out. But, specifically about the trials and what they produce. They don't seem like a good thing at the time- but look at the outcome! So good. Keep pressing on!
So, if you would keep me in your prayers on that end, I covet it! :)
Wynter is becoming an AMAZING photographer- she blows me away. She took some pics of me the other day in MN- which was fun. We realized she had never done that before because I haven't been around. But check out her stuff on facebook (invierno photography).
I took an amazingly long walk last night with my dear friend Rachel. That was great. And have just been trying to connect and be more involved in the area. I really want to be able to put more time into the community than I have been able to the last 4 months.
So, yeah. I think that is generally all I have to say. Which, may have been too much or too little. I'm not sure ;)
Regardless- have an AWESOME Saturday. Chat anytime (I have skype now- woohoo).
Much Love,

Sunday, July 11, 2010


So, Sonshine music festival starts on Wednesday, and guess who's going to be there working the Youth With A Mission vendor booth? Yep- I am! So if you're gonna be at Sonshine this week, come swing by the vendors and find me! I'd love to chat it up. Also, as a side note- the music is going to blow your face off! :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010


It sounds like I am announcing some big secret, huh? Well, not entirely. But here it is- I have been officially accepted on as Missionary Staff at Youth With A Mission Northwoods! I am very excited for what's in store next. As most of you know I have felt God's call into full time ministry but have been waiting for the right door to open. God made it very clear to me to apply for this position, and it was confirmed with my acceptance last month.
So, now I am off for July spreading the news! I return to YWAM August 8th, so if you'd like to get together or find out more before then give me a ring (Or an e-mail- whatever method you prefer, but I would love the chance to chat and pray with you).
Remember: God is so faithful to answer our prayers! If we ask for direction and seek Him, He will be faithful to do just that.
Continue to pray for me. For endurance in this new mission and for faith in God's provision.
Thank you all for your love and prayers! I would love to bless you in return- shoot me any prayer request you may have.
<3 Cheyenne