Saturday, July 24, 2010

The 24th day....

Hello everybody!
So, what's going on over in Cameron, Wisconsin? Here be the lowdown (pardon the lingo- I fell asleep on the couch last night watching Pirates of the Caribbean).
Break at home has been going good. I have been mostly working on getting things done while I am here and away from Ywam. Today- and for the last few weeks- I have been cleaning out house. Not very fun, but has to be done! It's amazing how much you can accumulate in 2 decades. And in reality, I don't think it's much. But for someone who hates unnecessary things it seems like way too much.
Yesterday I drove my little sister (Wynter) to a professional Photography training in Stillwater, Mn. That was grand. She loved it and I was able to do some sightseeing in the tourist town while hanging out with a good friend.
I have mostly been spreading the word about my new place with Ywam, which has been great but also a challenge. There is nothing more I hate than support raising- but I love talking to people, so I guess that evens it out. ;)
It has been a little discouraging so far- but I know that God has this thing. This is just an exercise of my faith. Which is totally cool too! I've been getting into James 1 again lately. I was able to write a sermon on that during SBF- but now being able to listen to other's about it and dig more I am seeing so much I missed the first time. I love that the Bible is new all the time! It trips me out. But, specifically about the trials and what they produce. They don't seem like a good thing at the time- but look at the outcome! So good. Keep pressing on!
So, if you would keep me in your prayers on that end, I covet it! :)
Wynter is becoming an AMAZING photographer- she blows me away. She took some pics of me the other day in MN- which was fun. We realized she had never done that before because I haven't been around. But check out her stuff on facebook (invierno photography).
I took an amazingly long walk last night with my dear friend Rachel. That was great. And have just been trying to connect and be more involved in the area. I really want to be able to put more time into the community than I have been able to the last 4 months.
So, yeah. I think that is generally all I have to say. Which, may have been too much or too little. I'm not sure ;)
Regardless- have an AWESOME Saturday. Chat anytime (I have skype now- woohoo).
Much Love,

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