Friday, January 14, 2011

Hey all!


Thailand is going good. It is insane how much we have been doing in just one week. God is opening up doors relationally left and right. We are building a great relationship with Kru Ew and PI Laad (who helps her cook during the week). This week Tom and Taa were able to begin sharing the Gospel with Ew- her curiousiity is very peaked and seh is searcing! Praise God. Pray that her fears wouldn't keep her from giving her life to Christ- pray also that we would be able to share with her husnbd and that he would be recptive. He has been hanging out with us and getting to know us this year- which is amazing (as he was usually very scarce).

On the flipside, I am super upset. PRAY. LaMud *if you don't remeber the story of Lamud- you can read it in an old note or blog post* ( hasn't been in school basically the entire time we've been here- people told us she was sick and that she has memory loss, severe headaches and stomach problems. And so we haven't been able to connect with her and see how she is doing in her walk with God- she was very very on fire when we left last Februaury.Yesterday Joanna and I decided to hunt her down and find out where she lived with Pi Taa (our translator). When we got there she was just holding her head in her hands in pain. She can't remember anything- she can't remember us and she cant remember giving her life to Christ! She said the only way she remembers that she had a close friendship with us was through Bu and Pim telling her and reminding her of stories (like, when she would bring them for Bible studies to our house). Her aprents have been taking her to temples and "wise men" to find out "what's wrong". Lamud said they told her she was possesed by an evil spirit while she was with us last year- that it was a ghost controlling her body when she was friends with us- and now this is the real her. She sadi she believes them because they told her things about her life that tey could not have known. It is scary. I have never experienced anything like this- she has replaced her cross necklace with buddhist ones. She said she found that Study guide to the N.T. I had Beir translate for her- she couldn't remember who it was from of where she got it. I said "Lumud, I gave that to you". She didn't remember. I wanted to puke the whole time. This is what satan does when we leave! he tries to destroy the fruit! But he will not take Lamud! We are praying hardcore for a strategy to take her back. Otherwise, I think she will continue to get worse- she's on the road to death. My heart hrts so much- this little girl I discipled is being tormented by evil. I hate this! So- please pray for her hardcore. I still believe she could be the key to Nahong- pray for her freedom and memory gain!Pass it on too- we need the Saints to be praying hardcore. So-yes. On one hand ministry is going amazing. We have been getting to share with Kru Ew and know the teachers so well. Teaching has been just blessed- it is so professional and taking root this year in the students amazingly. But this was a hardblow. BUT- satan has already been defteated trhough the blood of Christ! I am in pissed off mode. Pray for me (and the team) as we are opening ourselves up to some crazy hand to hand combat :P It's so dark here- the enemy is getting desperate as the time draws nearer for Nahong to be free. And ,y heart is broken for LaMud- I have cried so much over this but I will not grieve! Because I am convinced our Lord will redeem her. Pray for her aprents to come to Christ as well- as they are the ones who want to "help" their daughter, not knowing what they are worhsipping and bringing upon her. We all have one ting in common- we want to see her well. Pray that tthat would be a bridge for us to know her parents. that they would find the Truth hidden in Christ alone!

Much love to you all!

Press on,


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

UP Up up...

Tomorrow morning we are heading up the mountian to Nahong.
We met our translator last night Dtaa. He is great- his heart is for frontier missions and church planting! Such a God thing. Everything is just "falling together" so right.
God is impressing on my heart that my time is not my own. HE gives what He gives. There is no room for laziness or "escape" in Nahong. Ministry is life- not work.
Pray for our drive!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Cheyenne Clark is at the Lighthouse Guest house in Chiang Mai!
Went to the night market tonight to find some food and am so happy to be speaking to people in Thai :) I am praying hardcore for our Nahong ministry- we have two days before arriving there.
There is much to be done, but I am happy. :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bankok Dangerous... not really. ;)

Hello everybody! I have arrived safely in Bangkok! Thank you, God, for a problem free travel so far. My mind & heart is just freaking out being back in the country! I have cried so much today. Pray for my jet lag. Sleep hates me now apparently. I want to sleep when I can't and when I should I lay awake. Ugh. We arrived here at the Nancy Ross center (where we are staying, a YWAM facility) at 1 or so AM last night. Travel was incredibly smooth- which was a HUGE blessing, esp since we didn't have time between flights to Tokyo & Bankok to check on our luggage. But everything was safe and accounted for. :)
We have an orientation at 10 am tomorrow (Monday) morning.
Also, happy new year! It was weird for me to not really acknowledge the coming of 2011. We basically flew right through it. But, now it is hitting me. There is no other place I would rather start out a new year! With a bang.
Anyways, God is good. I had a really sweet time of just thanking God this morning. Just overcome with gratefulness- for safety, being back here, my Salvation- being free from a religion of bondage. It is good. :)
Much love to you all!
Will be traveling to Chiang Mai on the night bus tomorrow night. More longgg travels ahead!