Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bankok Dangerous... not really. ;)

Hello everybody! I have arrived safely in Bangkok! Thank you, God, for a problem free travel so far. My mind & heart is just freaking out being back in the country! I have cried so much today. Pray for my jet lag. Sleep hates me now apparently. I want to sleep when I can't and when I should I lay awake. Ugh. We arrived here at the Nancy Ross center (where we are staying, a YWAM facility) at 1 or so AM last night. Travel was incredibly smooth- which was a HUGE blessing, esp since we didn't have time between flights to Tokyo & Bankok to check on our luggage. But everything was safe and accounted for. :)
We have an orientation at 10 am tomorrow (Monday) morning.
Also, happy new year! It was weird for me to not really acknowledge the coming of 2011. We basically flew right through it. But, now it is hitting me. There is no other place I would rather start out a new year! With a bang.
Anyways, God is good. I had a really sweet time of just thanking God this morning. Just overcome with gratefulness- for safety, being back here, my Salvation- being free from a religion of bondage. It is good. :)
Much love to you all!
Will be traveling to Chiang Mai on the night bus tomorrow night. More longgg travels ahead!

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