Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On this fine Tuesday morning...

This week we have an AMAZING teacher on ESL. The other DTS Staff and I have been sitting in on class to learn as well (in preparation for English teaching in Nahong). And it has been well worth it. We had teaching from 8am to 1pm yesterday. That was fun! Haha. Hard to sit for so long, but I was captivated with the topic, so it was okay.
It has me very excited to go back next month to Thailand! We have been doing Thai culture classes for our Thailand team the last couple of weeks. Also, I am heading up the Thai Language class- teaching the students the basics of Thai Language and how to communicate basic words/sayings. I am loving it.
Last week Joanna and I read our first word in Thai! We were freaking out. สวัสดี <------ That hurts your brain. Heh.
There is so much more I can say. But I will have to update more later.
Much Love,

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