Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happilly Eve and After...

So, it's Christmas Eve. mmm. But somehow it feels different than it usually does. The excitement of being a kid and getting presents doesn't matter anymore, I mean it hasn't for awhile now. But this year I find myself more solemn. I am so excited to see my family get their gifts though. This year we (the kids) got Mom and Dad a few gifts each, since they never really get a lot of gifts, being the parents. But now that I have money regularly (as opposed to last year only nanny-ing and such) I can do that for them. I am so bad at shopping though. I find myself in the store wanting to buy them everything I think they should have. Haha. Good thing I have a lot of self-control or I'd be even broker than I am. I find myself listening now to the Phantom of the Opera blasting on the radio mixed with a little bit of Beatles... Not exactly your typical Christmas music, but hey.
Anyways, yeah. I really wonder if Jesus KNEW as a baby that He was going to die. Hmm, I've always wondered that. Any thoughts?
Well, better go.

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