Friday, March 13, 2009

Thoughts of el Dia...

So, you should go read 1 Timothy 1:5.
"But the purpose of the commandment is LOVE from a PURE HEART, from a GOOD CONSCIENCE and from SINCERE FAITH. "
I don't think I've ever read the 1st chapter of Timothy before. But that is a great verse. Read the whole chapter. It really reminds me of why I follow God's law, not because I am a good righteous person, but because I am sinner in need of Grace and called to share His Gospel with the world, and if I'm called to do that my light must not be dirty! Hmm, No matter how many times I've heard that, or something like that, The Holy Spirit always has a way of refreshing it in my mind when I need it. The purpose of the commandment is LOVE. How cool. And it doesn't even stop there, it goes on to tell me where the love comes from. A pure heart is a hard thing to have. It means even my thoughts. Yuck. Sometimes I hate my thoughts because they reflect the condition of my heart. Sometimes I don't like seeing my heart, Lord make it beautiful to look at! So yeah. I hope that encourages you too. So much to learn, just when you think you know everything...

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