Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Hello everybody!
Christmas is almost here! I can't believe it, really. Also, the lecture phase here at YWAM is coming to an end. This Wednesday is our last day, then it's off on break`til the 3rd of next year! 2010, sounds so ominous.
Today is my wonderful classmate and next door neighbor, Sabrina's birthday! Some of the girls and I were able to get up and make her a surprise breakfast (complete with adorable serving tray :P ). Then her and I, along with one of our staff members made an awesome brunch for everyone else, if I do say so myself... stuffed french toast, homemade cream filled donuts, cheesy eggs and banana pudding. woohoo! ;)
I'm currently reading a book called "living life on the edge" by Loren Cunningham. So good! I recommend it to everyone. IT's mostly about trusting God to supply for your every need. Loren Cunningham has some pretty wild stories about how God has provided for him. Just reading it is a faith booster. It's nuts.
I am trying to work on becoming more like that.
Keep me in your prayers as we pack for Thailand. We are going language and culture class crazy right now! :P
Alright, off to a student Christmas party!
Much Love,

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