Monday, October 11, 2010

To the left and back again!

So- I went to Fargo this past weekend and it was AMAZING. Luke and I drove to visit our bestie Crystal G. at NDSU. I was able to stay in her apartment and Luke stayed at our other friend (Crystal's boyfriend) Matt's place. Conveniently in the same apartment building. It was so good. I miss Crystal like a toothless kid misses candy! Also, it was just God's divine plan that we go rather than her be able to make it here. Initially we didn't know how we could do it (time wise or financially) but God worked it all out :) And blessed us beyond compare! It was very reviving for me. These last couple weeks of DTS have been a whirlwind! Being new staff and taking on so much has been a challenge, but so rewarding and amazing. But God knew I just needed a break so He could really speak into my heart. We went to this worship concert called "Encounter" which blew me away. Mostly because I had been so much in the mindset of serving I had been forgetting to get refreshed and filled up myself. God really broke me and just showed me how to live in that day-to-day passion, even while in chaos. :) Which was a surprise to me, because I thought I was pretty good at that. But I really discovered that I take it on as a totally different kind of chaos when I think I am in charge of it. Just giving up control again to my Lord and realizing He has had it all along. He's so faithful to fill you back up and not let you crash and burn! Don't crash and burn! God will meet you where you are- freaking amazing? I think yes. And so today, I step back into the YWAM DTS Staff shoes, praising God and with a fresh hunger this week to serve and learn, but also to pursue and receive joy and overflow.
Have I mentioned that being in missions is the single hardest thing I've ever done, but I love it so darn much???? B'cause it's true. :) God is good.

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