Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ahhhhhhhh!!! Whew....

Hey everybody,

So much has ben happening since my last e-mail. I haven't had internet access for awhile- so, I will do my best to sumarize it all for you!

Exciting news!
La Mud has been healed and healthy ever since we prayed for her. She has not missed another day of school. Much of her memory has come back.
She has re-given her life to Christ (since she couldn't remeber much) and is actively studying Scripture. And so. all of the ground that Satan attemped to take away- God has ained again, plus some! We are continually invited into her home and I have a great friendship with her Mom now. Her family even asked if next year we would consider staying at their home. And so. we (and of course, Lamud) are praying for the Salvation of her whole family. They are very open.

Urt! Urt is a 4th grade boy (one of Luke's students) who came to our friend Taa (and translator) and asked two weeks ago to hear about Jesus. At the time Taa was very busy with other ministry and told him "If you want to know about Jesus, come back tomorrow and I will tell you". Urt cam back the next day urgently wanting to know about this Jesus.
Taa was able to share the Gospel with him, and Urt ate it up. He said wanted to follow Jesus too.
Urt is a sponge! Every chance he gets to be taught more Scripture, he takes.
He undersatnds concepts in the Word that can only be from the Holy Spirit. The continually tells the other students that God is the only God. The other day he even explained the Trinity to them. He has an unstoppable faith.

Urt & LaMud. So- these two have a genuine and growing faith. And what has spun off of their commitment to Christ has been incredible.
Two of the girls students (5th grade) who would come visit us last year were 2 that claimed Buddhism hardcore. They would accompany Lamud to study the Bible with us but never wanted to believe in Jesus. A week and a half ago one of the girls, Bebe, wanted to join our Bible study and said that she had become a Christian and wants to study more about Jesus with Lamud and Urt. Urt told a friend, Pawn, about the Savior and now she has come to Christ and is a regular studying with us. The other of the two girls, PIm, has had a difficult time with it- since her parents are devout Buddhist. She asked Oh "What if my parents stay Buddhist? I cant be both can I?" and Pi Oh said "No, you have to choose what is the truth" and Pim responed "I choose Jesus." - Thank you, Lord! She is now studying the Bible everyday with us.
Urt is a leader- he leads up a lot of the discussions in our studies and loves to read and pray. He told two of his friends last week, Bob and Sam, about Jesus and invited them to the study- where they too gave their lives to Christ. He has even started (his own idea) leading guys bible studies wth those 2 at his house after our Bible Study gets done for the day. They can't get enough! Along with those kids are Yam and Gip- 2 more girls who desire to follow Jesus.

We have been studying with those 9 everyday for a couple weeks or so. We meet everyday during school lunch break, and everday after school as well.
Lamud is very involved and often busy after school, and so we study in the evening as well. Which has opened up huge doors into their homes! Urt invitd us to his parents home for a ible Study a few days ago- his parents were thrilled to meet us and satyed to listen to the whole thing (we were studying the temptaion of Jesus in the wilderness).
Afterwards Urt's Mom asked me to share the entire story of Jesus with them! It was amazing! Doors are just flying open left and right.
After that visit we have been invited to hold Bible Studies in their home as often as we want. Um.... amazing? I think yes. Urt has his Dad reading the Bible now.

And so, the Gospel is spreading through the village through a handful of Pre-teens!
Please pray for them!
Yesterday they just couldn't get enough and so, even though I was exhausted from teaching English, we studied the Word for two hours! (After studying for an hour during lunch.)
They asked more about prayer, and we ended up splitting up into groups of two and praying for each other. It was great to see all of these Young Disciples praying for each other in the name of Jesus. And so, what I wasn't initiallu "feeling up for" ended up being my energy to excite me! JUst shows that God really is our daily bread. :P

Kru Nung has been studying the Bible as well! Nicette has been practically living at her house the last two weeks, and I think God is really getting ahole of Nung's hearty.
I's great stuff!

Pray for my heart as we prepare to leave next week. It's breaking to think about it.
My students yesterday ended class by begging me not to go back to America.
Pray about God's timing for my return as well.

I love you all!


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