Monday, April 25, 2011

Beautiful Day- Easter Weekend.

Easter weekend.
Friday morning I had a staff conference to attend here at YWAM. Directly after I booked it to my parents house and joined them on an easter excursion to Madison! It was spectacular.
Relived so many memories, hung out with the lil cousins, saw the Uncle, Aunt and Grandpa. And basically enjoyed the city.
Love it.
Pictures to follow- only the few I took.

Sum up?

Colors, sights, sounds, delis, coffee, family, van rides, overstimulation and good food.

But above all- I am taking today to really* reflect on what the significance of this weekend was. In the midst of the choas, I saw Christ glorified. The Savior of the cities. Today I am letting that soak in. It's good. :)

Wynt & I @ the zoo.

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