Saturday, January 21, 2012

Prayin' Time Please!

Hey Everyone!
I'm currently in Mae Chem (about 45 minutes from Nahong) and so I can actually write a complete update!

We just got back from a trip into the mountains to a small hill tribe village called Menagee. We were invited to come by a good friend of ours in Nahong, who last year we were able to share with about the Messiah. She thinks very highly of us and attributes blessings in her life to our prayers for her. We have a dinner with her next week and pray that she is open to us sharing the full Gospel with her! Her heart has been opening to God over the past several years.
Anyways, the trip was to a "student day" party hosted by the school there (a one room bamboo building) where her son is the head teacher.
*Last year we were able to pray blessings over her son before his teacher' exam, so this meant a lot to him to have us there*
It was a fun day. Very hot in the open sun. The trip was treacherous. And I can now say I will buy a Toyota truck! Not only did it climb clay roads in the mountains today, but crossed through 2 rivers! I rode in the truck bed and needless to say my rear end hurts now. Haha.

On a more urgent note- Serious pray is needed here this week as we try to discern a situation that has risen up within the School.
As some of you know, one of my students gave her life to Christ last week. She was the one who saw miracles.
Since around that time some of the Children have been acting strangely, avoiding Bible studies and not coming to our home after school.
When we asked this girl why not, she told us she wanted to study the Bible with us so bad, but she was afraid of one of the teachers.
By asking around we have found out that our students have been threatened by Teachers, that if they hang out with us besides English class and sports they will get a beating. This is not okay!
It is not at all in the character of this person to say things like this to the children. In fact this teacher has been one of the closest to us the past couple years. She has even asked many questions about who Jesus is and calls us like Family. In my heart I feel this person is trying to protect us from someone else. It's very aggravating to not know who is opposing you!
But we know ultimately who opposes us. It's thrown me into much more intercession for Nahong. Please join me in this!
Things have been going incredibly well this year and fast pace as we have been ale to pick up right where we left off. Not only that, but to see the few believers here have grown on their own. Now something is blocking the progress and needs to be prayed out hardcore.
There is so much fear going around, it seems. Please pray for freedom for the Thai's to worship the One True God!

Encouragingly, Urt ad Lamud seem completetly nonplussed by these treats and have been faithfully studying and worshipping with us.
Yesterday Urt and his friend, Sam (who gave his life to Christ thru Urt last year) came over. Luke was teaching Urt to play guitar and I was just hanging out with them. After the guitar lesson Urt asked us to teach him more about the Bible.They asked us how they can know the same power the apostles had (this was after reading Luke 9, where Jesus sends out the 12 to heal and preach). We told them all they had to do was ask God. So right there they prayed for their hearts to become a "Spirit house of God". They were pumped, and of course we were too!
Pray Also that I would get more time to see Lamud (as she is in high school now in another town and doesn't get home til late).

Please pray for me as I lead the girls in our team. Unity has been very difficult to keep at points and I am doing my best to maintain my relationship with God so I can pour into them as well as the Thai's. God has been faithful. The Bible is my escape. I need divine insight and patience every day here!
Luke and I also haven't gotten much time together since we have been busy with ministry everyday. I'm praying that God will bless us with a "date" soon. :)

Love to you all! Please let me know how things are going back home. ~ Chey.

Cheyenne Clark

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