Friday, February 10, 2012

Last week in Nahong :(

Hey All!

So, yes, it's true. This is our last week in Nahong.
Time has gone by far too quickly.

Updates for the week:
We were able to visit the fisherman again and set up a time to watch that Thai Gospel film with him and his family this weekend! Tomorrow at 2. Please pray for that!

Tonight we are going to Lamud's family's house to watch the movie. PRAY. Last week I was able to share more of the Gospel with her Mom. They are amazing people and would be such contagious Christ followers! Joanna and I were able to study the Bible with Lamud and answer a lot of her questions- Like how does she only worship Christ but obey her parents when they go to the temple as a family. We had a great time working through these things. throughout the past year she has been studying the Psalms. Last night Elle & I had a fun time there again and were able to pray for her.

Urt in continuing to study the Bible and guitar with Luke.

Pray for Pi Saap, a woman I met last week. She has known our team foir some years now and desires to give her life to Christ. But she is afraid of her husband, who is an alcoholic. Pray that he would come the know Christ! This week we had been visiting her and brought her a Bible.

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