Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hey All!

I write you this from Mae Chem as this weekend is their Festival Weekend. Many traditional Thai markets out and games and rides for the kiddos. All of the Nahongians (yes, I just made that term up) absolutely love this weekend and come. In a few hours we will get to see Urt Mui Thai Boxing in the ring. :) We came to be his cheer squad.

Update on the past week in the village:
Tom is back with us. We picked him up in the city while on a field trip with the school to the zoo- which was a nice reprieve from teaching everyday.
Lisa is flying *currently someone between China and Chicago* back home to the States.
We have our new translator, Mon. She is a wonderful person! Totally on page with God and what we are doing in Nahong. I love having her as part of the team.

Luke & I had a great and challenging week together while Tom was gone. I'm realizing how hard is it to balance leading, discipleship of the girls, evangelizing, teaching, team finances, my relationship with Luke and still have time for myself to figure out how I'm doing. So yes- it has been difficult. But very good. God is giving me what I need daily. My back is still pretty bad, I'm hoping if I continue stretching daily it will get better soon. Today I also have a horrible migraine and sore throat. So please keep the team's physical health in your prayers as well :)

Awesome news!
We have been praying for the man, the fisherman, for a few weeks now. One of our student's Grandfathers. He had a shoulder problem and asked us to pray for him (that is when we, and Urt & Lamod went to pray). We went back again the other night and he told us more about his condition. His wife told us that it is a blood disorder and that she thinks he will die soon because they don't have enough money for more blood transfusions. I was able to share with him about Jed, my little brother, and how he has needed daily transfusions. I then told him about how we prayed to our God and my brother is now healed and healthy. About how God had a plan for his life.
Joanna and I then told him about a DVD we have, it is all acted in northern Thai *the dialect this man speaks* with English subtitles. It's a powerful film done by YWAM Create in Chiang Mai, the Gospel is portrayed in this movie in an amazing culturally relevant way to the Thai villagers.
SO, the fisherman and his wife invited us to host a "movie party" at their house (they have a TV and player) next weekend! Awesome!
This will be our opportunity to share the whole Gospel with him and his family. Please pray for this to go well. That we would be totally on God's page.

Relationship with the teachers on my end has been awesome. I have never been able to "hang out" with them so much. God is improving my Thai so much while I am here. Pray that I would get more opportunities to pray for them and that they will see these prayers as ones with power. Unlike the ones of the monks. Most of them know the Gospel we are preaching, but have not yet given their heart to it. May it be soon!

Anyways, Love and blessings to you all!

PS- How is the US holding up while I'm gone? Let me know! I don't get time to web surf. But I enjoy e-mails very much :)

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