Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ain't no protective deity that can stop a 1st Grader!

These two pictures tell great stories.

This morning I am at Luke's parent's house in Minnesota.
As I'm sitting drinking coffee in the kitchen I am perusing through a book on Thailand.
I get to the page with a picture of the Canna Lily *The one in the beautiful picture above* and I read...

"The bold beauty of Canna Lilies are a common sight in Thailand. According to Thai Mythology, Canna Lilies are guarded by deities who bless them with peace and harmony."

I Laughed so hard Luke's Mom wanted to know what was so funny.

It took me back to a few weeks ago while in the village of Nahong.
I was walking the village one day, just visiting people and trying not to think of how hot I was. When I was joined by two 1st grade students who liked to follow me around. Cutest little girls, they would stand outside our house and call my name waiting for me to come outside and draw them pictures. But that day it turned into a game of "Who can pick Kru Chey the best flowers".
They had realized I had a thing for flowers and that it took all my willpower not to pick them off of the local's fences, so they decided to do it for me. About a quarter mile into this walk my hair was laden with flowers. Little orange ones, purple ones, all wild growing seemingly harmless picks. Suddenly one of the girls notices this lone plant standing tall in front of a spirit house. A beautiful bright orange huge lily! I had a bad feeling but couldn't stop her in time before she ran over to the plant and violently, excitedly plucked it out of the earth before her friend had a chance to compete.
She presented me her prize, beaming with pride. I smelled it and said thank you but did not put this one in my hair. Instead I slipped it inconspicuously into my side bag. I had a strange feeling that I didn't want to be caught with this flower on my head by the adults of the village.
I returned it to our home, put it in an empty coke bottle and admired my stolen flower.

Well, today I now know why I felt that way about the flower being picked. It was a Canna Lily "guarded by deities" and put in front of the spirit house for luck. Needless to say, I think this is completely the funniest thing that's happened to me all week.
I guess those deities aren't very good at their job.
NOTHING can stop a 1st grader on a mission. Nothing.

Much love,

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