Monday, March 26, 2012

Summary of what happened in Nahong this Winter.

So... what happened?

Hey all, here are some highlights from my third trip back to Nahong, Thailand.

“Tonight we are going to Lamod's family's house to watch the movie. PRAY. Last week I was able to share more of the Gospel with her Mom.” Chey.

Throughout the past year she (Lamode) has been studying the Psalms. Last night Elle & I had a fun time there again and were able to pray for her.” Chey.

SO, the fisherman and his wife invited us to host a 'movie party' at their house (they have a TV and player) next weekend! Awesome! This will be our opportunity to share the whole Gospel with him and his family.”Chey.

“We were able to give blessings in Jesus Name to Cru Dang, Noi, and many of the other teachers.”Luke.

We told her (peem) that we call ourselves 'followers of Jesus' and we able to share with her about that. She was touched by the Holy Spirit and saw the truth in the message. She got a hunger for the word and started doing bible studies with us. She really seems to understand this revelation. She felt the power and truth of the Holy Spirit. She has been having visions of Jesus in her dreams!” Luke.

While I was praying, reading scripture and worshiping, Urt came over to learn some guitar. So I sat down with Urt and taught him some stuff on the guitar. Later a few more boys came over so there were four boys total. After Urt finished playing guitar (while he was playing he asked if he could praise God with music) he asked us if we could study the bible. So we did a bible study in our home with four boys...” Luke.

...One of my students gave her life to Christ last week. She was the one who saw miracles.” Chey.

“So God's kingdom is coming in Nahong! Pray that it continues to come and that God would protect Peem, Urt, Lamode, Pi Saap and anyone else who believes!”

Thank You All for your prayers and support! Love & Blessings, Cheyenne.

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