Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good thing blogs don't have late fees...

Just got back home from a weekend road trip. woo hoo. I took Wyn and Jo with me to Black River Falls to visit my awesome Grandma D. We had a chick flick night watching Andre' and Miss Congeniality (I love that movie so much), toured BRFalls this morning then went shopping in Eau Claire on the way home. Today it was sunny and 35... ahhhh bliss. I had my sunroof open and music playing. It felt so great.
Oh, crazy time... so I heard someone in the mall call my name.
I was like hmm...
I wonder who else is named Cheyenne. But I turned around to see a family I hadn't seen in about 4 years! It was crazy. Brought back so many memories. It was crazy to see the little girl all grown up and in HIGHSCHOOL. Ahhh, where does the time go? I feel so old.
I should move back to Minocqua for a few months or something. I actually do miss it.
Work is cutting my hours more than I anticipated. :/ I need another job.
Good luck, huh?
I really need to get more money in the Bolivia account.
I'm going back and trying to pay my own way. Eek.
I'm already stoked though. :)
I could live there.
Maybe I will.
I'm applying for YWAM in Scotland for this fall.
I hope it works out.
Peace and Love from Jesus,

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