Tuesday, January 13, 2009

[Oh My]

I have off from work today. I've been getting stuff done for the Drama Class and packing away Christmas stuff all day. I am going to go crazy! I am not used to be home all day. Let's go...
I am excited for drama to be starting up again, and yet at the same time my anxiety is back for the occasion. Ugh. just thinking about all I have to get done makes my heart rate raise quickly. In my mind I stay calm, but I have an issue with my body not agreeing with me! I get all sick and yuck. BUT it will be good. And I do love the Drama group. I just have to get into it, and I will be fine. It's the planning involved I don't like. I need a lot more help this time for sure. I felt like a chicken with my head cut off before, so I'm definitely taking on some volunteers for this play! But I am excited. The kids are great.
I gotta go. I think I need some vitamin D, too bad it reached it's high of -5 today. :/
I need sunshine! Ahhhaa, okay.
Peace and Love.

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