Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm such an idiot...

I just thought you'd like to know. Tonight I learned never to take a little car with no 4x4 on the stupid lake. Ever. Especially when it's not yours. :/
Why do I insist on learning things the hard way?
On the brighter side, I wrote today. I actually sat down and wrote. It felt quite good. Ad we now have some material forming for our pro-life documentary (Erika and I). I can't wait for Rachel to come home. I'm sure she would love this.
Peace in an unstable world,


  1. Let me apologize.
    But first, let me tell you the story of why I feel like such a terrible friend...
    Talking to Miss Dandy last night, I was asked how the pro-life documentary was going. My confusion flared, as I tried to figure out how she knew about that. I hadn't really told anybody, you see. After some discussion, I learned she knew from the blog. Yet I was still unsure of what that mean... I hadn't written it in a blog. Well I quickly learned that Jim had read it on your blog. I went to check it out for myself, soon discovering that you have a new blog!! Naturally, I have to follow the link, and see that you have several blogs posted there as well. So yes, I am a terrible friend, and I apologize. And also, Jim is a stalker and I apologize for that too. (Hi, Jim... I know you're gonna read this. =P)


  2. Ahahahaha, that's great. Also, it's very new and I haven't really advertised, so it's all good. :P Jim Dandy, if I had to choose a stalker, it would be you! hehe.